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    Guangzhou army surplus hydraulic co., LTDIs engaged in the hydraulic parts and system research and development design, production, sales and service in a body's specialized factory。Located in guangzhou.Company to product sales at home and abroad.The company in accordance with theISOQuality assurance system, in the process of production of product attaches great importance to every detail, adhere to the "detail decides success or failure, quality brand" business philosophy, seriously do a good job in quality management。At the same time of introducing high quality nc machining equipment based on the production of Taiwan's technology, to improve the quality of its products。Our company production of hydraulic components and systems has been widely used in plastic machinery, shoes machine, machine tools, metallurgy, mining, engineering machinery, petrochemical, textile, woodworking machinery and5DMovie theaters, and other industries.We adhering to the "people-oriented" enterprise objectives and quality policy, with the rigorous work attitude and innovative marketing idea to provide clients with full service.

    Oil cylinderMainly used in the need to support the weight of place for a long time, it can be in the removal of oil pressure can still support the weight, and safe and reliable.Can be used in the underwater, single function, load retraction, nut self-locking make load more security, particularly in large engineering, control and self-locking jack is easy to operate, safe the holding device is designed, the built-in pressure relief valve to prevent overload, in order to protect the self-lock jack for safety operation。The device connections, USES is high pressure hose and the nipple connection, with using fast, and to overcome traditional joint leakage faults quickly is mainly used in electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway Bridges, shipbuilding and other industries of equipment installed on the top disassembly operations。

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